Alpha Gamma Delta

Omega Chapter at University of Akron

Chapter Officers

officer Morgan Mosiniak

Morgan Mosiniak


I love Alpha Gam because it has given me lifelong friendships and it has shown me what it means to be a true friend!

officer Marlee Reynolds

Marlee Reynolds

VP Campus Relations

I love Alpha Gam because of all the service opportunities and the wonderful and supportive women I am surrounded by in this chapter!

officer Janelle Dixon

Janelle Dixon

VP Academic Excellence

I love Alpha Gamma Delta because I get the amazing opportunity to be a part of a philanthropy as important as Fighting Hunger. I also love that all the women in the chapter support each other.

officer Sarah Layton

Sarah Layton

VP Philanthropy

I love Alpha Gamma Delta because it brought me some of my closest friends and I always know there are at least 50 wonderful women that have my back!

officer Alicia Frisinger

Alicia Frisinger

VP Member Experience

Alpha Gamma Delta has given me amazing friends who are always there for me and I have gained leadership experience that will help me in my future career!

officer Marissa Citino

Marissa Citino

VP Recruitment

I love Alpha Gam because of how at home I felt right when I walked in the door. I had never met any of these girls, but it felt like I had known them forever. I gained so many amazing sisters, and love their endless support and kindness.

officer Amanda Deruyter

Amanda Deruyter

Director of New Member Programming

I love Alpha Gam because all of our sisters are diverse, kind, and dedicated to our chapter and philanthropy, and has helped me to connect with others in many different ways!

officer Jessica Leyva

Jessica Leyva

Director of Activities and Leadership

I love Alpha Gam because I love being able to meet new friends and to be able to help and push each other to be the best and to serve others in our community!

officer Dawn Ritter

Dawn Ritter

Director of Property

I love being in Alpha Gam because I enjoy all the opportunities it brings to get involved in the Akron community.

officer Avery Dietz

Avery Dietz

Director of Academic Achievements

I love Alpha Gam because it is full of supportive sisters who are all unique but are brought together by common interests. It has brought friendship, laughter, opportunity, and so much more into my life!

officer Taylor Cook

Taylor Cook

Director of Ritual

I love Alpha Gam because I have such a diverse group of sisters that are always a blast to be around! It's amazing to have so many different personalities in one room, yet all be united forever in sisterhood.

officer Rachel Lojewski

Rachel Lojewski

Director of Communications

I love Alpha Gam because it provides me with service opportunities, amazing friendships, and helps me to network with other chapters and build a stronger Greek community!

officer Julia Thomas

Julia Thomas

Director of Community Service

Alpha Gam has allowed me to set goals for myself and meet those goals, and then be able to share those accomplishments with an incredible support system. I've had opportunities for leadership and service that are quickly becoming an integral part of my college experience!

officer Julia Unaitis

Julia Unaitis

VP Marketing

Through my experience with this chapter, I have made friendships that would last lifetime with hundreds of memories to go along with them. I love Alpha Gamma Delta because it inspires me everyday to do my best, and my sisters help to make this chapter even more wonderful!

officer Hannah Donovan

Hannah Donovan

VP Finance

I love Alpha Gam because my sisters are always there for me when I need their support, and I love being surrounded by a group of women who share the same values and purpose as me!

officer Marissa Peori

Marissa Peori

VP Administration

I love Alpha Gam because it gave me the opportunities and skills to grow and become successful during my college career. Alpha Gam became my home away from home, and has given me the leadership, organizational, and management skills I wouldn’t have attained anywhere else.

officer Madison Macklin

Madison Macklin

Director of Senior Programming

Alpha Gam has helped me become a woman that I am truly proud of. It has taught me how important it is to give back to others while also making time for yourself. I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing chapter!

officer Logan Fletcher

Logan Fletcher

Director of Special Events

Alpha Gam has allowed me to make lifelong friends and fill my time in college with lots of fun memories and service opportunities!

officer Morgan McKnight

Morgan McKnight

Director of Merchandising

I love Alpha Gam because it has given me a home filled with my forever friends!

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