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Chapter Officers

officer Janelle Dixon

Janelle Dixon


As president I hope to enhance our sisterhood and to encourage our members to live by our values everyday.

officer Taylor Cook

Taylor Cook

Vice President of Wellness

I am excited to enhance the amazing sisterhood in our chapter!

officer Elise Brechbuhler

Elise Brechbuhler

Director of Ritual

My goal is to protect our ritual and positively represent Alpha Gamma Delta.

officer Sarah Layton

Sarah Layton

Vice President of Academic Excellence

I want to encourage all members to be successful in the classroom and provide them with the needed tools to do so.

officer Dawn Ritter

Dawn Ritter

Vice President of Recruitment

My goal for this position is to help our chapter reach house total each semester and recruit women who will be lasting members.

officer Haylee Pequignot

Haylee Pequignot

Director of Membership

My goal as the director of membership is to help and welcome our new sisters into this wonderful sisterhood!

officer Valerie Cooke

Valerie Cooke

Vice President of Finance

My goal in this position is to have people understand their fiances more and give them responsibility of learning how to pay on time. I want to accomplish making the whole system easier by using vault and bill-pay more. Also, I want to work with members actively and help them as much as possible.

officer Christina Faessel

Christina Faessel

Director of Property

My goal is to maintain a clean and orderly house. I'd also like to continue to create an inviting space for our members to spend time in!

officer Alex Paxitzis

Alex Paxitzis

Vice President of Administration

In this position, I have a goal of increasing chapter attendance at events. Also, I want to keep chapter history and documents more organized in an efficient manner!

officer Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper

Director of Communications

As Director of Communications, I want to help the chapter be the best it can be. I have a goal to work aside VP Administration by helping with the chapters history and representing strong communication throughout our chapter and with alumni!

officer Hannah Donovan

Hannah Donovan

Vice President of Member Experience

My sisters are a group of strong and impactful women who are always there for me when I need their support. I value being surrounded by individuals who share the same values and purpose as me!

officer Avery Dietz

Avery Dietz

Vice President of New Member Experience

As VP New Member Experience, my goal is to make sure that each new member that comes through our doors feels welcome and connected to our amazing chapter and finds a home within our Fraternity.

officer Alicia Frisinger

Alicia Frisinger

Vice President of Event Planning

I want to continue to plan socials that sisters can come to, have fun, and even de-stress or take a break from class.

officer Abbi Vernon

Abbi Vernon

Director of Special Events

I want to make special event planning go as smooth as possible and for our members to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

officer Rachel Lojewski

Rachel Lojewski

Vice President of Marketing

As VP Marketing, I hope to show potential new members how amazing Alpha Gam is through different media platforms, and to inspire our own sisters by positively representing our chapter!

officer Jasmine Martir

Jasmine Martir

Director of Merchandising

This year, one of my goals for the chapter is for all of our Alpha Gamma Delta collegians to feel confident, strong, and beautiful in their own skin. Through my merchandising position, I hope that I can help my sisters feel this way by providing options for everyone, but also make them feel beautiful.

officer Claire Morris

Claire Morris

Vice President of Campus Relations

As Vice President of Campus Relations, I hope to improve our chapter's existing relationships with other campus organizations, as well as establish new ones. I want to encourage our chapter's members to participate in other chapter's events and to be a part of all of the other awesome organizations present on our campus! I want Alpha Gamma Delta to be known for being the well rounded and involved group of women that they are!

officer Amberle Orlando

Amberle Orlando

Director of Activities and Leadership

My goal for the chapter is to strengthen our relationship with other Greek organizations and campus organizations through intramural sports and Greek week.

officer Julia Thomas

Julia Thomas

Vice President of Philanthropy

I want to impact Alpha Gamma Delta by planning events that raise money for our philanthropy. I would also like to further educate our members and campus community about the impact of our philanthropy in our local and national communities through passionate service and fundraising.

officer Karey Steinmentz

Karey Steinmentz

Director of Community Service

My goal for the chapter is for everyone to complete their community service hours and to get to know and bond with our sisters as they do so.




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